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Covid – What will the future bring?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when and how this current COVID-19 crisis will end. We do know how very difficult this is for all of us, and especially for children and adolescents. Here are some of thoughts/tips to provide insight and comfort: A three-year-old has an attention span of 3-8 minutes. They are very concrete thinkers: […]

Types of Coughs

It’s cold and flu season again, which means we’re seeing a lot of patients exhibiting symptoms of illnesses with coughing. A lot of parents are curious, “Can I tell what type of illness my child has by their cough?” or “How do I know what type of cough my child has when asked to describe […]

What will the school year 20/21 look like?

Article by The 20/21 school year is not going to be easy. Qualities such as flexibility, courage, and pure grit are suddenly paramount to providing an education to our children. Many people are questioning if it is worth it, and whether we should just do online school until the pandemic is over. Most paediatric health […]

Flu v COVID-19 Similarities & Differences

The Difference Between Flu and COVID-19 Flu and COVID-19 are both highly contagious respiratory illnesses. Flu is caused by the influenza virus whereas COVID-19 is caused by a virus named SARS-CoV-2. Flu Symptoms vs. COVID-19 Symptoms When it comes to symptoms, these viruses are incredibly similar. Both run the spectrum from no symptoms at all […]

Hip Dysplasia – HIP Screen

What is a hip dysplasia – DDH Hip dysplasia is one of the most common paediatric orthopaedic conditions affecting children from newborn age, during childhood with effect even during adulthood and old age. Hip dysplasia is a delay of development of the hip joint. The pelvic part of the hip joint is too small, to […]