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Covid – What will the future bring?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when and how this current COVID-19 crisis will end. We do know how very difficult this is for all of us, and especially for children and adolescents. Here are some of thoughts/tips to provide insight and comfort: A three-year-old has an attention span of 3-8 minutes. They are very concrete thinkers: […]
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Types of Coughs

It’s cold and flu season again, which means we’re seeing a lot of patients exhibiting symptoms of illnesses with coughing. A lot of parents are curious, “Can I tell what type of illness my child has by their cough?” or “How do I know what type of cough my child has when asked to describe […]
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Flu v COVID-19 Similarities & Differences

The Difference Between Flu and COVID-19 Flu and COVID-19 are both highly contagious respiratory illnesses. Flu is caused by the influenza virus whereas COVID-19 is caused by a virus named SARS-CoV-2. Flu Symptoms vs. COVID-19 Symptoms When it comes to symptoms, these viruses are incredibly similar. Both run the spectrum from no symptoms at all […]
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Hip Dysplasia – HIP Screen

What is a hip dysplasia – DDH Hip dysplasia is one of the most common paediatric orthopaedic conditions affecting children from newborn age, during childhood with effect even during adulthood and old age. Hip dysplasia is a delay of development of the hip joint. The pelvic part of the hip joint is too small, to […]
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